Letting go and leaving it at the stream

Someone who knows me has introduced a new phrase into my armoury of protective quipery. ‘Leave it at the stream’. I’ve tried hard to adhere to the philosophy, but sometimes your disappointments won’t erase easily. It is akin to them being on a repetitive loop, like the film ‘Groundhog day’.

Failure is okay, in fact it’s the only way you grow. If you are constantly successful, how do you know that you’re not being surrounded by sycophants? It’s a way of thinking that I encourage in the people I work with each day, that mistakes are great, only when you let your mistakes control you or you give up do you become defined by them.


So, I must pick myself up, dust myself off and gracefully let go and leave it at the stream. I refuse to carry something heavy, I will not be defined by my failures. I will be measured in the difference I make to other people’s lives. The most important person in my life is only little, and still needs lots of nurturing to grow. Family always comes first. My decisions up to now have been guided by him, and that was always the right thing to do.

When I shuffle off this mortal coil, my epitaph will read wife, mother, daughter, sister and I would do well to remember that. So I will hold my head up to the sky, look around the world about me and leave it at the stream. The cool waters can carry off my worries, and they will soon be adrift in the sea, lost to me forever. It never bothered me anyway.

Leave it at the stream


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